University of Leiden, Department of Political Science:

  • B.A. Thesis Project ‘Global Migration’, Fall 2020/Fall 2021/Fall 2022
  • M.A. Seminar ‘Policy Evaluation’, Spring 2020/Spring 2021/Spring 2022
  • B.A. Seminar ‘Politics of Migration’, Spring 2020/Spring 2021/Spring 2022

University of Amsterdam, Department of Sociology:

  • B.A. Seminar ‘Migration and Citizenship’, Fall 2018
  • M.A. Thesis supervision, Spring 2017

SciencesPo Paris:

  • Teaching assistant ‘Introduction to Political Science’, Spring 2011

phd co-supervision

  • Tabitha Speelman, University of Leiden, working on Chinese immigration policies. Main supervisor : Prof. Frank Pieke.
  • Omar Cham, Free University of Brussels, working on Gambian immigration policies. Main supervisor: Prof. Ilke Adam.

I am available and interested to serve on additional PhD supervision committees.

teaching training

  • 2022. BKO certificate.
  • 2021. BKO courses “Teaching in Practice”, “Testing and assessment”, organized by ICLON, University of Leiden.
  • 2020. BKO courses “How to design a course”, “Inclusive education” and “Supervising students”, organized by ICLON, University of Leiden.
  • 2019. Course “How to teach and design a course”, organized by the VU LEARN! Academy, University of Amsterdam.
  • 2018. Workshop “Case Writing and Case Teaching in IR”, organized by the International Studies Association (ISA).
  • 2018. Workshop “From dull to dynamic: Moderating Q&A sessions”, organized by Karin Nijenhuis, University of Amsterdam.